Costume your cakebars!

Treats like cakebars are a great way to add a little creative flair to many occasions, and Halloween is no exception! Whether you prefer the spooky or the sparkly approach to celebrating Halloween, this cakebar costume tutorial is perfect for all ages and experience levels!

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Here's what you'll need:


 Ticklebelly® cakebars


 White or silver pen

 Clear plastic goodie bags

 Construction Paper

 Wiggle eyes (optional)

 Pipe cleaners (optional)

 Bag ties, string, or ribbon


• Stencils - CLICK HERE to use ours!


Step 1:

Cut gift bag to the length of each cakebar. If the bag has square corners, invert to make the bags appear more rounded. Tie off with ribbon or twist ties.


halloween cakebars cake bars cake on a stick RGB-1.jpg


Step 2:

Using a variety of craft supplies such as construction paper, pipe-cleaners, and wiggle-eyes: costume your cakebars! 

halloween cakebars cake bars cake on a stick RGB.jpg



sweet pumpkin 'Jack O' Lantern' cakebar:


a. stencil, cut, and glue the jack-o-lantern eyes, nose, and mouth to the wrapped cakebar

b. roll a small piece of brown paper into a 'stem' and twist a green pipe cleaner to make a 'vine'

c. glue the stem and vine together and glue to the top of the wrapped cakebar


dark chocolate 'black cat' cakebar:


a. cut and glue the cat whiskers to the wrapped cakebar- hot glue works most quickly but liquid school glue or glue dots are a fine alternative

b. stencil, cut, and glue the cat nose and ears to the wrapped cakebar, be sure to glue the nose on top of the whiskers

c. glue wiggle eyes or construction paper eyes to the wrapped cakebar

d. twist a pipe cleaner 'tail' and glue to the back of the wrapped cakebar


vanilla bean 'ghost' cakebar


a. stencil, cut, and glue the ghost eyes, nose (optional), and mouth to the wrapped cakebar

b. add any embellishments you choose such as bows, hats, speech bubbles, Halloween stickers, etc.




a. Fold construction paper multiple times before cutting out face stencils if decorating multiple cakebars

    Want to use our stencils? CLICK HERE!

b. Measure or fold the pipe cleaners before cutting to quickly make even cat whiskers

c. Wrap a pipe cleaner around a dowel, pen, or similar object to make the cat’s tail and the pumpkin’s vine

d. Pinch the bottom of the cat’s ears before gluing to add more dimension

design tips RGB.jpg


Looking for more fun Halloween-themed cakebar options? Try these:


dark chocolate Frankenstein

 vanilla bean Mummy

 vanilla bean Skulls

 dark chocolate Bats

 cookies ‘n’ cream Spiders

 sweet pumpkin Goblins

 salted caramel Witches

 vanilla bean Vampire

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