Five Tips for Staging a Spring Dessert Display

Five Tips for Staging a Spring Dessert Display

Hosting a springtime soiree? From bridal bashes and baby showers, to patio parties and afternoon teas, festive gatherings are even sweeter when the dessert displays are just as fun. To help you plan your next get-together, here are five tips for styling a fabulous dessert display!

1.Use colorful accents  

For any special event, colors can set the tone of the party. From linens, napkins, plates and serving pieces, there are many opportunities to accent your display with fun colors and prints. If you love yellow, offset it with white for a crisp, eye-catching display. If pink is your thing, think outside the box and add colorful drink straws or striped pink plates for a stylish touch.

2.Create a focal point

When your guests arrive, draw their eyes to the desserts by creating a focal point on the display. Tall floral arrangements, vases of lemons and colorful centerpieces are great ways to attract guests to the sweet eats. Appetizing accents and cheerful centerpieces will enhance the appeal of the desserts, and make your display look like a designer staged it!

3.Height variation

Transform a dessert table into an irresistible display with height variation. Serve desserts on cake trays, platters and stacked dishes of differing heights to add depth. This is also a great trick to make your dessert spread even more photo-ready!    

4.Signed with a sweet signature

Offering a signature dessert at your party gives the event a customized feel. With a fun and delicious treat like cakebars, guests will eat up the party atmosphere with every bite. Partygoers will appreciate the signature treat, and your soiree will be punctuated by a party-specific dessert.

5.Desserts made for mingling

Desserts are a delicious a highlight of any party, but the main event is sharing sweet times together. When planning the desserts for your display, keep mingling in mind! Treats like cakebars, cake pops and other bite-sized delights make it easy for everyone to grab a treat from the display, and to walk around socialize.

At your next celebration, a well-styled dessert display is sure to be a memorable and mouthwatering addition. Incorporate personalized touches, colorful accents and party-ready treats to create a presentation guests will love! 

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