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It's Party Season!

Dedicated to the unapologetic dessert enthusiast, Ticklebelly offers chef-inspired products crafted with natural, high quality ingredients. Ticklebelly satisfies the everyday sweet tooth with novel, tasty desserts that happen to be perfectly portioned.

We've all been there... last minute events like pot-lucks, classroom parties, friendly gatherings... you're invited and have nothing to bring and no time to make your grandma's famous [casserole, cookies, lasagna]. While you would love to get cooking and impress the other attendees, sometimes life just doesn't work that way! But Ticklebelly desserts have got you covered! Ranging from cookies, to cakes, to our specialty Cake Pops and cakebars, you can run to the grocery store on your way to the party, and arrive with a unique, chef-crafted product sure to wow your friends! Heck, pop 'em out of the box, toss 'em on a plate, and tell everyone you made them using a Pinterest tutorial - Our desserts are so cute, it's hard to believe you can find them in a grocery aisle!

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[March 1, 2016, 2:45 p.m.] — Ticklebelly is dedicated to making life sweeter, one bite at a time. Each Ticklebelly product begins in the creative minds of our acclaimed dessert chefs, and is crafted with thoughtfully sourced ingredients, innovative baking techniques and whimsical design touches. As playful as our name, our perfectly portioned desserts treat your taste buds and tickle your belly.

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